Job Requirements

Education: Bachelors’ degree

Work experience: 2 years

Language skills: English

Job Summary

Contract Type: Full time

Reports to: Class teacher


A teaching assistant at Galaxy International School Uganda will be expected to perform duties outlined below.

a)     Take good care of students to avoid injuries.

b)    Follow up on students’ performance to evaluate their progress.

c)     Label materials and display students’ work in class.

d)     Organize and supervise games and other activities.

e)     Participate in teacher-parent conferences regarding students’ progress.

f)      Make teaching aids such as cards and worksheets to support student learning.

g)     Provide extra assistance to students with special education needs.

h)    Assist librarians in the school libraries to distribute books to students.

i)       Attend staff meetings, and assist on school committees on school events.

j)       Laminate teaching resources.

k)     Monitor student use of computers in classrooms.

l)      Type and photocopy materials.

m)    Prepare materials and apparatus before the lessons begin.

n)     Guide students on using available resources.

o)     Work with children in differentiated groups.

p)    Attend to students during breaks.

q)     Support specialist teachers to teach such skills as sports, music, and Art.

r)      Ensure proper use and safety of class resources.

s)     Supervise tests, homework assignments, projects and file them accordingly after marking has been done.

t)       Guide students to master and follow rules governing them in school.

u)     Grade homework and tests, and compute results, as requested by the teachers.


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