Job Requirements


Bachelor’s degree

Work experience:

2 years

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time, Temporary

Role Purpose

To assist the Sponsorship Coordinator in giving support in the department and promotion of Plan International Uganda’s Country goals in growth, customer satisfaction, and establishing an effective linkage with National Office (NO) and other stakeholders, ensuring that both units offer efficient and adequate support to field operations

Dimensions of the Role

Manages and ensures the quality of sponsorship communications and safety

Qualification and Experience

  • Advanced Diploma in Secretarial Studies, Business Administration, or any other related field.
  • Good computer skills especially in Micro-soft Word and Excel
  • Good typing skills of not less than 50 words per minute.
  • Knowledge and Experience in Database management may be an added advantage.
  • Must have at least 2 years of working experience preferably with an NGO.
  • Prior customer care training /experience.
  • Proficiency in both oral and written communication skills in English
  • Must demonstrate the ability to generate and utilize digital images
  • Has experience using Windows 2007 and above, outlook express or Outlook 2007, Anti-virus software.
  • Has experience in Basic backup and recovery procedures for corporate systems.
  • Has experience working in a LAN environment.



SCIs and SCUs:

  • Type, proofread, and compile all SCIs and SCUs for each month in time (A minimum of 70 SCIs and SCUs typed & processed daily).

  • File original SCI or SCU questionnaire on SC file.

  • Use a checklist to ensure that information on the SCIs and SCUs is accurate,

  • Download quality photos from the field staff to a designated file for future use

  • Encode digital photos using the approved Child Data photo Encoding Tool (CDPET)

  • Upload to child data photos and SCIs of all enrolled children within five days of enrolment

  • In line with sponsorship commitment 9, ensure that there is no backlog on SCUs submitted by frontline staff.

Production of Quality Sponsorship Communications (letters and gifts) in line with the sponsorship commitments:
  • Read all SP/SC letters and highlight all questions in them before sending them to the Sponsorship Coordinator for tracking.

  • Refer all controversial statements in SP letters to the Sponsorship Coordinator for review.

  • Verify National Office Inquiries (NOIs), SCCDRs, and cancellations as assigned by the supervisor.

  • Ensure that SP addresses do not reach the frontline staff and SCs.

  • Open all SP parcels to SCs, scan for inappropriate content and pass them on to the Sponsorship Coordinator within 5 days of receipt.

  • All SP mail and gifts to different CDFs must be properly packed and labeled and handed over to CDFs after they have been verified

  • Dispatch SC communications to NOs on a weekly basis so as to meet the requirements of commitments 6 and 7.

  • File all carbon copies of SP/SC letters and correspondences in their respective SC files folders

Empowerment and sustainability:
  • Support community training in Sponsorship communications

  • Verify the existence of SCs/ SC family members in the system as required by program staff

  • Participate in working with children and community members to produce quality and timely Program Area Overviews (PAO) and Sponsorship/Program Area Reports (SPAR)

SC Cancellation and Graduations:
  • Type cancellation/graduation memos in free format correctly, accurately, and times before submitting them to the Sponsorship Coordinator for final editing and quality control

  • Upload all CMSCs to Child Data within 4 weeks of cancellation

  • File copies of CMSC and cancellation questionnaires in their respective SC file folders.

New Enrolment:

  • Support enrolment of SCs in new locations.

  • Enter into child data SCI information with complete quality photos for new enrolments within five days of enrolment

  • Open and properly label files for new enrolment immediately

Dealing with Problems:
  • While this position is office-based, the holder requires very good communication and teamwork abilities to be able to effectively deliver on the job. The post holder will demonstrate the ability to solve problems in a very prompt manner. The Post holder will also ensure adherence to the business rules of sponsorship as well policies and procedures in the execution of his or her role while promoting culture for delivery of results, both short and long term.


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