Job Requirements


Bachelor’s degree

Work experience:

10 years

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

Candidate profile

  • HND or equivalent in a related discipline, current BGAS-CSWIP certification
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry with a Recognized level of expertise in construction discipline with a good knowledge of NDE/NDT.
  • Large Topside related package construction, Onshore/Offshore pipeline construction, Onshore Pipeline Installation, Plate Mill/Pipe Mill Inspection, Coating Plant Inspection (FBE/3-layer/concrete), Double jointing and field joint coating
  • Management of both the internal and contractor inspection teams
  • Previous experience with other major IOC’s/Contractors in oil and gas construction projects.
  • The ideal candidate shall be fully conversant with applicable Oil and Gas Industry International Codes, Standards as well as best Industry Practices.
  • Significant responsibility in multi-discipline teams or projects.
  • Good interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as a good level of computer literacy and, are proficient in Microsoft Office.


  • To provide technical assistance and coordination accordingly to the project requirements
  • Support the Pipeline/Welding Superintendent on site ensuring that the Contractor is fully conversant with all Company project Pipeline related standards and procedures.
  • Act as primary Supervisor for a dedicated area of the construction site: follow-up the sequence of work-fronts and liaise with the construction contractor area managers and superintendents to make sure the sequence is as per the Construction Level-3 Schedule.
  • Ensure that Contractors progress on the appropriate high-priority work-fronts
  • Undertake regular site visits to assess the work quality and delivery of the Contractor and intervene as appropriate to ensure that activities progress in line with the project schedule.
  • Monitor progress and prepare performance reports.
  • Identify & analyze the weak points which penalize productivity and propose corrective actions.
  • Advise the Wellpads Superintendent on all issues related to sequencing and scheduling of work fronts.
  • Analyze and forecast performance and manpower requirements based on physical progress relative to schedule.
  • Liaise with all the Superintendents and Supervisors to make sure that all interfaces are managed effectively.
  • Supervise the following Site Pipeline interfaces and ensure that Company / Project standards and procedures are fully aligned with the Company & Construction Contractor, Construction Contractor / Sub-contractors and Pipeline Vendor representatives & construction site personnel
  • Assist in the resolution of all Technical Queries.
  • Assist the COMPANY to ensure Compliance with projects Safety objectives throughout the life of the project.
  • Keep the Pipeline/Welding Superintendent North informed of all events which may affect the successful completion of the project goals.
  • Interface with QA/QC personnel to address quality issues/progress
  • Monitor workforce productivities/progress relative to schedule
  • Liaise with a contractor for field-level changes during the construction phase
  • Compliance with the HSE instructions, rules, and procedures in force for compliance with the HSE contractual clauses and other documents governing ties with the contractors
  • Ensure the protection of the environment and the monitoring of Project environmental performances.
  • Participate in daily/weekly/monthly meetings and compile necessary reports (daily/weekly/monthly) related to his/her discipline and scope for the Pipeline/Welding Superintendent North and Construction Manager
  • To act on behalf of the Pipeline/Welding Superintendent North in his/her absence if required.




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