Job Requirements


Bachelor’s degree

Work experience:

12 months

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

Execute investigations through obtaining, maintaining, and communicating evidence obtained through reports to facilitate further management of cases to enhance compliance in the organization

Essential Requirements        

a. An Honors’ Bachelor’s degree in Law, Social Sciences, Commerce, Business Administration or any other  business-related from a recognized University

Desirable Requirements

a)         Special training in investigations and law enforcement

b)         Experience in any of the following areas; Compliance Management/Law Enforcement, research, investigations, use of statistical data analysis techniques, familiarity with court and prosecution processes


1.         Execute an investigation and provide recommendations to the line manager on how to manage the case(s) under investigation

a. Obtain and study an investigation case memo to extract a brief and develop an Investigation Plan to guide the discussion with the line supervisor

b. Solicit instruction on how to proceed with the case under investigation and develop an investigation plan and budget

c. Discuss and review the investigation plan with the supervisor and make amendments as advised/ recommended

d. Identifying persons to interview to gather evidence, and record statements.

e. Develop a summary investigations report and submit it to the line manager for review, making amendments in line with comments/ corrections and improvements

2.         Maintain and avail sufficient evidence to courts of law to facilitate successful prosecution of cases before the court

a. Gather, analyze credible evidence, and mobilize exhibits and witnesses to support the case before the court

b. Secure search and arrest warrants from a court to facilitate operations

c. Submit the exhibits to experts such as handwriting experts for analysis, comparison, and follow up feedback

d. Follow up and report on the cases in court and their related judgments and make recommendations to management for further action

e. Reconcile and update the case records maintained

3.         Open files and prepare briefs on all the reported/initiated cases to maintain a synchronized record of the cases in progress.

a. Open the case files in line with instructions from the supervisor

b. Analyze the facts of the reported cases and sort the document/facts of the given case, consult on the facts of the reported cases for further clarity while documenting every step in the process

c. File documents, index, and reference the files in line with filing standards.

d. Prepare briefs on the cases reported or initiated and seek approvals for closure or feedback for further action

4.         Organize for stakeholder engagements with internal and external stakeholders to enhance working relationships

a. Initiate communication with stakeholders to invite them for the scheduled engagements and confirm attendance of the participants invited

b. Prepare the logistics for the engagement such as booking the venue and sourcing

c. Document minutes of the engagement and identify action points for all participants involved and file them


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