Job Requirements


Diploma, Associate’s degree

Work experience:

18 months

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

Monitor and evaluate client experience across URA Contact Center touchpoints, propose remedial action to service gaps in process, people, and technology to facilitate efficient and effective service delivery.

Essential Requirements

a. An Honor’s Bachelor’s degree in any field.

Desirable Requirements

b. Training and or Experience in a customer care

c. Training in Data analytics


1. Assess client experience across all contact center touchpoints to ensure proper resolution of all client issues.

a. Monitor agent-client interactions against set standards, identify gaps and make recommendations for future support requirements.

b. Conduct regular risk assessments and flag off high-risk areas for immediate action to be taken.

c. Work closely with front desk client-facing teams and periodically conduct onsite visits to appreciate challenges faced by service offices and walk-in clients in logging and managing queries respectively and devise contact center support solutions.

2. Monitor and evaluate contact center team and individual staff performance to support increased tax compliance

a. Participate in the review and design of call monitoring formats, indicators, and quality standards.

b. Evaluate logged technical issues, as well as customer compliments and complaints against documented processes to ensure effectiveness.

c. Conduct root cause analysis for identified issues to establish and recommend the most suitable interventions for improvement.

d. Compile and track performance at team and individual level against quality assurance standards.

3. Coordinate contact center staff sensitizations, updates on institutional changes, and participation in R&D programs.

a. Periodically review changes in URA systems, processes and structure, to identify issues that affect service delivery and enable proactive response to the changing business environment before crises arise.

b. Collaborate with teams; Learning and Development, IT operations, and projects to regularly train and sensitize contact center staff on new products and identified knowledge and skills gaps.

c. Coordinates call calibration sessions for contact center staff i.e. meetings between call center agents, supervisors, and the quality monitoring teams to rate and discuss customer service interactions.

d. Participates in customer and client listening programs to identify customer needs and expectations and taking proactive steps to maintain positive experiences.

e. Coordinate and participate in product tests and simulation exercises.

f. Make recommendations on challenges frequently encountered while using URA systems for improvement to enable improvements of self-help services functionality for clients to effectively self-serve.

4. Develop briefs, reports and provide recommendations on improvement to ensure a more efficient resolution of all issues raised

a. Maintain real-time Customer Experience (CX) metrics performance dashboards.

b. Provides real-time actionable data and share insights to enable real-time actions to various internal support groups as needed for effective service delivery.

c. Generate comprehensive monthly client experience and quality assurance reports with insights and recommendations for management action.

5. Troubleshooting issues and Resolutions and liaise with respective stakeholders to devise solutions.

a. Periodically review the log of queries received to identify Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) support in the development of appropriate responses.

b. Compile process /system challenges and engage respective stakeholders.


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