Job Requirements


Post-graduate education

Work experience:

2 years

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

Represent the Organization in Courts of Law and Tax Appeals Tribunal, Interpret tax and Case Laws to ensure that URA is ably represented in courts of law and enforcement of tax laws.

Essential Requirements

a)  An honors Bachelor’s degree of Laws from a recognized University

b)  Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

c)   Certificate of enrollment as an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda

d)  Possession of a valid Practicing Certificate

e)  At least two (2) years experience handling litigation in a large organization or profound Law Firm

Desirable Requirements

a)  Experience in prosecution /criminal proceedings

b)  Experience dealing with the court processes and protocols


a)  Knowledge in tax laws and court practices



1.   Represent the Organization in Courts of Law in criminal matters to ensure compliance with tax laws, URA policies, and procedures

a)  Review cases  from internal clients with the view of determining whether a criminal tax  case is established

b)  Refer the case files back to the investigators for further investigation where the need arises.

c)   Appear in courts of law and record proceedings.

d)  Follow up action on court orders with internal clients  and report back to the line manager

2.   Carry out due diligence on civil and criminal cases before court to ensure compliance with tax laws, URA policies, and procedures.

a)  Discuss, review and analyze reports with internal clients to clarify instructions and appreciate the merits of cases arising from their respective Divisions.

b)  Obtain reports from the relevant Division to appreciate the facts of the case.

c)   Carry out Legal Research on all cases/matters assigned

d)  Carry out risk analysis on all cases received from the internal clients or cases before courts of law and submit reports to the Line Supervisor.

3.   Draft Pleadings and other documents/reports that arise out of related tax laws, court cases, and other transactions to ensure that URA is ably represented in courts of law.

a)  Draft weekly reports of new cases, judgments /orders, and submit to the administrative officer and line supervisor.

b)  Review plaintiff’s documents and precedents of similar nature and draft defense to match the context of each case.

c)   Discuss pleadings with the line supervisor/manager and seek approval before filing in courts of law.

4.   Interview and brief witnesses on Court, Tribunal / Arbitration Proceedings and prepare them to testify in court.

a)  Meet AC-LIT, the MGR, and supervisor under whose jurisdiction a case falls to discuss and agree on the material witnesses required in the case.

b)  Review cases and identify the documents/evidence required from the various witnesses.

c)   Meet material witnesses, interview them, and prepare them for court appearances.


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