Job Requirements


Diploma, Associate’s degree

Work experience:

2 years

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

Maintain office welfare and manage mails in order to enhance office cleanliness and timely delivery of official correspondences

Essential Requirements

a) A minimum of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education and a maximum of a diploma

b) 2 years experience in office management in a reputable organization

c) A minimum of a credit in English



1. Manage office welfare and cleanliness in order to enhance staff well-being and  tidiness of work environment

a) Clean office furniture and equipment to ensure tidiness, good hygiene, and supervision of office cleaners

b) Prepare office tea and refreshments to improve staff well-being

c) Arrange venues for meetings and ensure tidiness and cleanliness

2. Maintain proper record of incoming and outgoing mails in order to enhance easy tracking of documents

a) Receive and record incoming documents to enhance proper accountability for official correspondence

b) Distribute official correspondences to different offices to ensure timely delivery of mails

c) Assist in clerical work that includes, photocopying, binding, filing, and scanning  of official documents

d) Weed and transfer semi-active documents to records center to create space in the office and enhance good records management

3. Maintain  and monitor office supplies in order to ensure adequate inventory levels and anticipate requirements

a) Raise the store’s requisition order and collect office supplies from stores to ensure adequate supply

b) Maintain office supplies to determine inventory levels and anticipate requirements

c) Manage and account for office imprest to ensure adequate office supplies 


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