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Bachelor’s degree

Work experience:


Language skills:


Job Summary

Salary Range:


Contract Type:

Full time

Key Qualifications and Experience

• Relevant undergraduate qualifications including, Education, Teacher pre-service, etc.

• Relevant experience working in schools and/or education programmes. Experience in research management an added advantage.

• Proven experience in the design of formative assessment strategies and tools.

• Proven experience in the design and delivery of teacher professional development courses.

• Proven experience managing budgets and producing high-quality reports.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders.

• Ability to deliver high-quality outcomes working collaboratively as part of a diverse team under short timelines.

• Experience working as part of a global team with colleagues across many geographies and countries.

• Excellent verbal and written English

• Excellent ICT skills with basic Microsoft software and more complex ICT programmes.


Adapt and develop globally robust and formative assessment tools and strategies

• Identify and adapt pre-existing assessment tools and items in Uganda that align with the learning domains selected.

• Review, adapt, and operationalize existing global Schools2030 assessment tools to align with the national curriculum and the realities of the Ugandan education system.

• Co-develop new formative assessment tools for the selected holistic learning domains within the Schools2030 global framework. The coordinator will be supported by the AKF Global Assessment Partner to develop these new tools.

• Coordinate the pilot of the holistic learning assessment tools and items in the country collating all data for sharing with internal teams, external partners, and teachers as needed.

• Identify and develop partnerships with organizations that specialize in formative assessment. These can include formative assessment solutions and capacity development for teachers in assessment for learning.

Teacher Professional Development

• Based on the solutions developed, map formative assessment knowledge and skills needed and identify courses and partners to meet these professional needs.

• Manage partnerships with teacher professional development partners.

• Where needed, design and deliver an assessment for learning capacity development courses for teachers.

• Measure and determine the impact of the diverse professional development courses to inform the continual improvement of these to meet teacher demands and needs

Measuring impact and identifying high potential solutions

• Collaborate with the M&E team and the Data Management Officer in the effective collection, analysis, and feedback of data.

• Measure and determine the impact of the diverse professional development courses to inform the continual improvement of these to meet teacher demands and needs.

• Continually identify assessment for learning solutions, strategies, and tools that demonstrate impact and potential for scale.

• Support the country team to interpret assessment findings and identifying implications for national education policy.

• Any other responsibilities as requested by the Country Manager.


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