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5 years

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Full time

The East Africa Youth Inclusion Program (EAYIP) Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation (MLE) Manager, reporting to and under the guidance of the EAYIP Project Director with dotted line reporting to country level and Heifer HQ MLE teams, will provide overall leadership of the MLE function across the project in both Tanzania and Uganda, and as such, work in close collaboration with respective consortium partners and their Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) leads with the view to developing strong MLE for the project. To this end, the Manager will lead the development of the overall EAYIP MLE framework, provide technical assistance to implement the MLE framework, give advice and training on key aspects of MLE and ensure that key outcomes are properly monitored/tracked, documented, and shared for learning

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in International Development, Community Development, Rural Development, Project Planning and Management, Quantitative Economics and/or Statistics, or an equivalent with an academic focus on Monitoring and Evaluation plus five (5) years of directly relevant experience in MLE management of large-scale projects.



A. Program Effectiveness (40%)

Provide leadership to EAYIP M&E Officers in the management of the field resources and project budgets and ensure these are used in compliance with appropriate guidelines

Provide technical leadership to the review of project framework, plans, and indicators to capture performance results and provide effective, accurate, and timely monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of all project activities.

Provide leadership and direction on M&E to ensure the project achieves its goals and corresponding objectives and target

Oversee the implementation of the Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) to capture project performance and results, including routine service delivery data reporting, baseline, and end-line assessments, and all monitoring for process and outcome evaluations

Oversee data flow pattern for the project, to ensure timely data collection and reporting

Lead efforts to utilize training monitoring systems to track and monitor trainers and participants at training events to facilitate follow-up and recordkeeping

Accountable for providing technical leadership on strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the project by identifying bottlenecks in completing planned activities and developing plans to minimize such bottlenecks in EAYIP

Provide technical supervision to the EAYIP Country M&E professionals

Coordinate all M&E capacity-building activities with project staff, implementing partners and hubs staff

Accountable for providing overall leadership in monitoring output and outcomes, ensuring strong data analysis, tailoring reports for different stakeholders, and disseminating lessons learned

Accountable for ensuring that monitoring data and information is used in project reviews to meet expectations/objectives (effectiveness) and, whenever possible, improve the performance (efficiency) of the project

Facilitate Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) strategies to support the use of data and information from the M&E system for real-time decision-making to improve project implementation.



Strong implementation of the MLE framework in collaboration with M&E staff and key stakeholders

Provide country team personnel and hubs with key M&E and reporting tools and support them in their use

Enhance the technical capacity of the EAYIP MLE Officers and hub managers through planned regular mentoring, training, and coaching

Establish M&E workable instruments to gather necessary agricultural commodity value chain matters and monitor their impacts on participating actors

Tailor reporting to meet the needs of different stakeholders

Provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the project

Recommend steps for strategic adjustments and provide follow up on implementation for EAYIP

80% of the planned milestones are achieved by the project

B. Project Reporting and Documentation (25%)

Review regular monthly, quarterly and annual reports from the Country Program Manager and support them comply with the requirement of data quality and timeliness.

Support the Regional Operations Manager in compiling donor and Heifer International (monthly, quarterly and annual) reports and ensure compliance with requirements in terms of data quality and timeliness and ensure these are of the highest standards.

Provide technical support to the Country teams in the documentation of EAYIP success stories and relate project impacts

Lead results reporting to Mastercard Foundation by providing written documentation on M&E activities and indicator results for progress and annual reports, as appropriate

Provide technical leadership to the EAYIP Country teams in building the capacity of the hub’s management team on documentation and record-keeping


All project progress reports (monthly, quarterly and annual reports) from Country Offices are compliant with expected quality standards and timeliness.

Lessons learned from EAYIP documented for dissemination to stakeholders on a quarterly basis

On a monthly basis update and maintain a project database at all levels needed as per the MLE framework and ensure compliance with expected quality standards and timeliness

All hubs have up to date records/databases

Successful business models documented before end of the project for replication or scale-up

Prepare and consolidate monthly, quarterly, mid-term and annual reports and submitted within the stipulated timelines

C. Management and Compliance (20%)

Accountable for supervising and managing all evaluations and operational research for the project including baseline, midterm, and end-line assessments

Ensure high-quality implementation, consistent with Heifer International’s and Mastercard Foundation’s monitoring and evaluation guidelines, protocols, information, and reporting systems

Ensure protection of EAYIP and participant data and confidentiality during EAYIP reviews and evaluation processes

Provide oversight to EAYIP M&E Officers and partner M&E Officers on data collection and analysis, and ensure the timely completion of M&E activities

Regularly review monitoring data and help organize periodic learning days and annual learning summits with country and hub staff to help them identify successes and make decisions about adapting activities and approaches to achieve results.

Collaborate with the Finance, Operations, and Compliance Unit to help develop a system to track and report cost-related data for each program element to reinforce financial and budgetary strategies and allocations during planning periods

Ensure compliance with all Heifer International and Mastercard Foundation reporting requirements


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