JobTitle: Mechanical Engineer (2)

Nature of employment: Full-time Contract

Duty station: Isimba and Karuma Hydro Power Stations

Reports to: Maintenance Manager

Job Purpose.

To ensure that the mechanical elements in the power plant run smoothly to generate power. He checks machines and machine components, tests their efficiency and makes repairs wherever necessary, and suggests improvement of machines for better performance. Large Hydropower plants are complex systems covering a wide spectrum of engineering from light to heavy engineering, simple systems such as pumps to complex units such as digital control governors, hydraulic hoists, etc. The mechanical engineer shall have a wide engineering knowledge base and keep abreast with the latest developments in the field to enable him/her to evaluate the condition of machines, diagnosing problems, and where possible propose improvements. He/she shall supervise mechanics and fitters and allotting maintenance responsibilities while making sure that all safety procedures are adhered to.

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