Evimero Leadership Academy is an initiative on a mission to equip young people with practical leadership skills to transform their lives, communities and consequently the world at large. Through training in areas like self-discovery and personal development, purpose and visionary leadership, team leadership and development, problem solving and growing through crises, transformation through mastery, and mentorship, among others, we envision a world where young people step out to create the realities they dream of. 


This training is a one day activity that will help you discover your leadership potential and equip you with practical skills to guide you as you start your journey as a leader. 


The training is scheduled for 27th March 2021, and will run from 9:00am – 12:30pm. Attendance is free of charge! 

For any queries and inquiries, feel free to reach us on +256 751 137004 or +256 781 430673.

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