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Post-graduate education

Work experience:

10 years

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Job Summary

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Full time, Fixed term

We’re looking for an exceptional strategic marketer who can create content as needed and who is excited to think in new and innovative ways about marketing strategies across multiple countries, program models, and revenue streams. We believe that the right person for this job will help Educate! redefine what post-primary education means for a generation of African youth.


  • Fits our Five Cultural Tenets (see What is Educate! About? below); Learn more about Educate!’s culture here.
  • Strategic marketing experience, ideally including marketing to businesses and/or institutions
  • Able to create content as well as strategy
  • Experience in education, entrepreneurship, development or social enterprise are assets but not requirements



Positioning and Message for In-School Model

  • Establish strategic positioning and supporting messages for Educate!’s in-school model, as scaled through our Education System Solutions unit. 
  • Work towards establishing this model/idea as the Teaching at the Right Level of Secondary amidst key stakeholders (e.g. leading solution within a category), and identify and track metrics that demonstrate progress towards these objectives. 
  • Work with M&E Director to leverage research, evidence, and engagement of key academics/thought leaders in support of this strategy. 

Category Creation and Positioning of Alternative Pathways 

  • Establish a category of alternative pathways to secondary school and key messages to support the development of that category. 
  • Drive adoption of this idea within key stakeholders (governments, bilaterals, major foundations, and education influencers) and positioning Educate!’s boot camps for out-of-school youth as the leading model in this new category. Identify and track metrics that demonstrate progress towards these objectives. 
  • Work with M&E Director to leverage existing evidence to establish a healthy skepticism of the outcomes of secondary in the sector, focusing on academics and think tanks, and to create greater openness to the idea of an alternative pathway.  

Thought Leadership/Content Marketing Strategy and Execution

  • Create content marketing/thought leadership strategy and oversee its execution to establish the two positions mentioned above. Use all channels available to you to create a strategic and creative approach to influencing key stakeholders in support of two positioning objectives.
  • Identify user journeys for key stakeholders and map content marketing and engagement strategy to these user journeys to best drive the adoption of two key ideas. 

Oversee Global Brand, Message, Stories, and Assets

  • Working with the Communications & Marketing Manager, oversee Educate! org-wide brand, message, and assets, in support of and aligned to Educate! Strategy.
  • Build marketing to be a driver of Educate!’s aim to redefine what post-primary education means for a generation of African youth.
  • Ensure all marketing and external communications are built around an aligned strategy build off organizational strategy and directly advance org-wide priorities. 
  • Reassess how to Educate! tells stories today using a human-centered design lens to ensure we communicate stories through various channels in effective and repeatable ways. Build capacity within the team for high-quality, engaging storytelling. 
  • Provide marketing services to countries and other teams as necessary to help them achieve their strategic goals. 

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

  • Provide marketing in support of new country expansion and government engagement strategy. 
  • Lead and/or support strategic marketing initiatives as they arise that drive business growth or results
  • Working with CEO, identify and attract best-in-world advisors and resources to support the development and execution of Educate! marketing strategy. 

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