Job Requirements


Post-graduate education

Work experience:

5 years

Language skills:


Job Summary

Salary Range:


Contract Type:

Full time


• Master’s Degree in Gender Studies and or its relevant equivalent

Details of experience

• Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience in the domain of gender and gender-mainstreaming strategies (organizational change, programme management field projects, action research, etc.)

• At least 2 years relevant experience in the sector in a development organization/NGO in Uganda

• Minimum 1 year or 2 projects experience in the change process, organizational change, strategic guidance for a development organization, international organization or NGO, etc.

• Experience in programme management, monitoring, and evaluation, policy development, etc.

• Mastering English in writing and speaking, including high-quality reports, research papers, etc.

• Being experienced in formulating, implementing and monitoring & evaluating interventions

How to apply

All interested and qualified persons are strongly encouraged to apply by email to Applications and CVs should be in one document and a maximum of 5 pages only.

Applications should be received by 5.00 pm on the 26th of April 2021.



Gender Advisor (40%)

Ensure the implementation of the #WeforHer Gender Strategy and the integration of gender-related cross-cutting themes within Enabel’s portfolio/interventions in Uganda by providing input for planning, execution, coordination, and monitoring and evaluation of activities.

Main tasks;

Ensure the implementation of the #WeforHer Gender Mainstreaming Strategy, in alignment with the national legislative, policy, and institutional framework with a specific focus on the following results:

Strategic Guidance

• Guide and facilitate staff to design and implement Enabel in Uganda’s portfolio, interventions, and activities integrating gender mainstreaming as a cross-cutting and full-fledged component.

• Support and supervise the conduct of gender analysis and the integration of gender issues into contextual analysis, baselines, etc.


• Establish the country office gender focal point team, hold regular coordination meetings to discuss and address issues related to gender and related themes within the country (and beyond when suitable).

Monitoring and evaluation

• Lead gender mainstreaming efforts through guidance, tools, and inputs to the monitoring system and assisting the evaluation of portfolio and interventions impact within a gender perspective.

• Support intervention teams in the implementation of specific results and activities in mainstreaming gender, therefore integrating the OECD gender marker policy tool throughout Enabel’s work in Uganda.

Technical Expert (30%)

Provide the necessary technical input to ensure that Enabel’s country portfolio and interventions integrate gender and related cross-cutting themes in a qualitative manner

Main tasks;


• Remain informed of recent relevant evolutions and decisions in the area of gender-related themes (human rights-based approach, etc.)

• Actively participate in scientific and technical forums and events in gender-related themes and shares Enabel’s approaches, tool, contributions, and best practices with other development practitioners and relevant stakeholders

• Provide structured and comprehensible feedback to staff and partners and contribute to initiatives on gender equality and women’s empowerment

• Analyse potential strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders

• Draft briefs, statements, advocacy material, presentations, and strategy papers related to his/her portfolio


• Participate in strategic and technical dialogue and suitable platforms for     exchange with relevant institutional stakeholders related to gender topics

• Participate in the harmonization and coordination of gender-mainstreaming efforts between Enabel teams and different TFPs

Contributor to quality assurance and knowledge (20%)

Ensure quality assurance of services and contribute to the organization of knowledge building and knowledge management in gender-related topics

in order to create qualitative and inclusive gender mainstreaming in Enabel’s portfolio and interventions

Main tasks:

Quality assurance

• Collect information on gender policy-driven issues and best practices & lessons learned directly linked to Enabel’s portfolio and interventions objectives

• Provide inputs on the formulation of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and set milestones and indicators for achievements on gender mainstreaming in the country portfolio and interventions

• Assure quality control through cross-cutting reviews and examination of specific sections of reports and other documents on the integration of gender issues, recommendations, and conclusion

• Ensure that partners and stakeholders use the most appropriate tools and good practices and facilitate the introduction of innovative practices to induce  gender transformative change in their respective areas of work

• Conduct quality control in the area of gender through participation in technical meetings in the preparation, provisional and final acceptance of i.a. studies, training, material, work realized under a framework of public procurement, grant agreements, or specific cooperation agreements.

Knowledge management

• Provide technical services for capacity and knowledge building and management on gender issues to staff, achieving the following results:

• Assure the continuous learning of Enabel’s staff to support the integration of the #WeforHer Gender Strategy as part of the organization’s DNA

• Facilitate training schemes and other capacity-building activities to increase staff’s capacity in mainstreaming gender in its work and the implementation of the Enabel’s portfolio and interventions

• Identify resources and networks that can be activated for knowledge building of staff and partners in gender-related themes

• Contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice in gender-related themes

• Organize the documentation of lesson learned and best practices in gender mainstreaming through a knowledge-building system in the portfolio/intervention in the area of gender equality and women’s empowerment, including using D4D (Digitalization for development) to leverage efforts

• Continuously self-manage the accumulation of knowledge and experience in gender-related issues through study, advice of sector and thematic experts, and by the membership of professional and/or scientific networks


• Produce and contribute to strategic, policy, and technical communication about progress and challenges in the implementation of the #WeforHer Gender Strategy within Enabel’s scope of work in Uganda

Facilitator (10%)

Capacity development of partners and stakeholders in gender-related topics.

in order to contribute to the improvement of the partners’ and stakeholders’ organization, processes, and systems and of their staff’s competencies in gender-related topics

Main tasks

• Advise partner entities on actions to be taken to improve the integration of gender mainstreaming best practices as well as how to implement these actions

• Facilitate the change process at the local office level


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