The Position:

Under overall guidance and supervision of the Representative and direct supervision of the Finance Analyst, as a member of the CO management services team, the Finance Officer provides functional support to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD). The Finance Officer ensures the effective functioning of financial operations and systems in support of the UNFPA programmes delivered through MoG.


How you can make a difference:

UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.  UNFPA’s strategic plan (2022-2025), reaffirms the relevance of the current strategic direction of UNFPA and focuses on three transformative results: to end preventable maternal deaths; end unmet need for family planning; and end gender-based violence and harmful practices. These results capture our strategic commitments on accelerating progress towards realizing the ICPD and SDGs in the Decade of Action leading up to 2030. Our strategic plan calls upon UN Member States, organizations and individuals to “build forward better”, while addressing the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on women’s and girls’ access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, recover lost gains and realize our goals.


In a world where fundamental human rights are at risk, we need principled and ethical staff, who embody these international norms and standards, and who will defend them courageously and with full conviction.

UNFPA is seeking candidates that transform, inspire, and deliver high-impact and sustained results; they need staff who are transparent, exceptional in how they manage the resources entrusted to them, and who commit to delivering excellence in program results.

Job Purpose:

The Finance Officer is responsible for effective delivery of financial services, transparent utilization of financial resources and supports operational delivery of UNFPA supported programmes through MoGLSD. He/she supports development of Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Work Plans and procurements. He/she analyzes and interprets the financial rules and regulations and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of financial issues. The Finance Officer promotes a collaborative, client-oriented approach consistent with UNFPA rules and regulations. The Finance Officer actively participates in CO and MoGLSD coordination activities to ensure UNFPA’s needs and service issues are met.

You would be responsible for:

A. Support the Development of Procurement and Work Plans and Asset Maintenance at MoGLSD

  • Financial resources management through planning, guiding, controlling of the resources in accordance with UNFPA rules and regulations.
  • Preparation and monitoring of budgets of projects.
  • Participate in the MoGLSD budget formulation
  • Participate in aligning MoGLSD annual workplans and budgets to UNFPA SP and guidelines
  • Support in development of MoGLSD  procurement plan for timely submission to UNFPA
  • Track execution of MoGLSD  procurement plan and advise on any required adjustments
  • Maintain and asset register (Form C) with MoGLSD  and ensure that all the assets are well maintained and free from abuse
  • Ensure repair and asset schedule of assets are maintained and adhered to

B. Accelerating Implementation of UNFPA-supported MoGLSD Activities and Quality Assurance

  • Support MoGLSD  to ensure timely requisitioning of funds
  • Work with UNFPA finance staff to ensure timely disbursement of MoGLSD  funds
  • Alert MoGLSD  implementers when funds have been released for the activities
  • Follow up on UNFPA-supported activities to expedite their implementation
  • Coordinate implementation of activities for different output teams
  • Continuously monitor project expenditures/advances against budgets and advise on budget revision when need arises.
  • Follow up on quarterly funds disbursements to MoGLSD
  • Track funds provided to MoGLSD  to ensure timely utilization of the funds and that they are used for the intended purpose
  • Develop quarterly MoGLSD  financial reports for UNFPA-supported activities and share information with the respective MoGLSD IP manager and relevant fund code and output manager for any remedial actions
  • Participate in UNFPA-supported MoGLSD workshops and events for on-site verification of fund utilization
  • Monitor advances to MoGLSD to ensure that financial management practices are adhered to including the OFA policy
  • Ensure that all MoGLSD payments are dully approved before payments
  • Review MoGLSD  workplan revisions for quality assurance

C. Support IP Sub-grantees, HACT, TWG, Audit Processes and Reporting

  • Participate in implementation meetings and dialogues with MoGLSD partner implementers/ sub-grantees including at the Districts/Fields and various partners.
  • Follow up on activities executed by the MoGLSD partner implementers/sub-grantees to ensure timely and quality results
  • Monitor the disbursement and utilization of funds to MoGLSD partner implementers/sub-grantees to ensure compliance with UNFPA financial regulations
  • Follow up on MoGLSD partner implementers/sub-grantees to ensure timely delivery of quarterly and annual activity and financial reports to MoGLSD for compilation and submission to UNFPA.
  • Participate in field visits (at least on a quarterly basis) to monitor project performance and to ensure compliance with financial guidelines. (UNFPA Projects)
  • Support MoGLSD during the annual audit exercise and follow up on audit recommendations
  • Participate in spot checks as part of the finance team
  • Participate in MoGLSD Technical Working Groups and Organizing Committees for National Events
  • Participate in MoGLSD sector technical working groups for sector engagement to identify and address financial and administrative issues that arise during the meetings
  • Participate in organizing UNFPA-supported national events
  • Supporting development of MoGLSD programme and financial requests and reports
  • Participate in development of MoGLSD annual and quarterly activity and financial reports including quarterly FACEs, monthly Bank Reconciliation Statements (BRS) and quarterly monitoring tools
  • Participate in compilation and submission of quality donor reports for activities implemented by MoGLSD
  • Participate in closure fund codes that had MoGLSD activities

D. General Support 

  • Stand-in for other team members on selected functions as may be required.
  • Carry out any other duties as may be required by UNFPA leadership.

Qualifications and Experience: 


  • Completed Secondary Level/ Completed High School Education required.
  • First level university degree preferably in accounting, business administration, finance, or public administration. A professional certification in accounting/finance is desirable

Knowledge and Experience: 

  • 5 years of relevant experience with Secondary/ high school education in administration, finance or office management.
  • or 3 years experience – with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance or a relevant field
  • Relevant experience in providing financial management services and operational system;
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.) and advance knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, experience in handling of web based management systems and ERP financials, preferably PeopleSoft;
  • Experience of IPSAS or IFRS is an added advantage
  • Experience working with government ministries and agencies is desirable
  • A thorough understanding of the UN system in general, and especially UNFPA mandate, its policies and operations and current development topics and political issues in Uganda will be an added advantage
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team


  • Fluency in English; knowledge of other official UN languages, preferably French is desirable.

Required Competencies: 


  • Exemplifying integrity,
  • Demonstrating commitment to UNFPA and the UN system,
  • Embracing cultural diversity,
  • Embracing change

Core Competencies: 

  • Exemplifying integrity,
  • Demonstrating commitment to UNFPA and the UN system,
  • Embracing cultural diversity,
  • Embracing change

Functional Competencies:

  • Advocacy/Advancing a policy-oriented agenda
  • Implementing management systems.
  • Business acumen and ability to multi-task and balance competing priorities.
  • Leveraging the resources of national governments and partners/ building strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Finance and Accounts Management
  • Delivering results-based programs
  • Technical Understanding of the areas of work
  • People Management and Leadership
  • Managing financial processes
  • Proficiency in current office and multimedia software applications

Compensation and Benefits:


This position offers an attractive remuneration package including a competitive net salary plus health insurance and other benefits as applicable.

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