The main purpose  of  the  job  position

Interact with the company’s customers to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding products  &  services in line with the approved policies,  procedures, and set standards.

Specific responsibilities include:-
• Open new accounts and handle all account-related issues such as statement requirements and financial card enrolment as appropriate.
• Handle and respond to all client inquiries and ensure their satisfaction.
• Cross-sell the company’s products to clients and enhance/protect the reputation of the company at all times.
• Guide clients on the selection of products most suited to them.  
• Receive cheques and post internal transfers as per guidelines.
• Carry out relevant research as required and requested by the  Customer  Service  Manager.
• Ensure that all relevant standards within the  Customer  Care  Charter are met.
• Promote the use of digital channels.

Minimum  Academic  Qualifications:
• Diploma or  Bachelor’s of  Commerce,  Economics,  Microfinance,  Development  Economics,  Development  Studies,  Business  Studies,  Accounting and  Finance,  Marketing,  Financial  Services,  International  Business,  Business  Computing,  Business  Statistics,  Entrepreneurship  &  Small  Business  Management,  Social  Sciences,  SWASA,  Education,  Mass.Com,  Leisure and  Hospitality  Management,  Procurement  &  Chain  Supply  Management,  Procurement  &  Logistics  Management,  Human  Resource  Management,  Industrial  &  Organization  Psychology,  Project  Planning and  Management,  Entrepreneurship and  Project  Planning,  Public  Administration and  Management,  Journalism and  Media studies,  Sales and  Marketing  Management,  Public  Relations and  Media  Management,  Guidance and counseling,  B.  Agriculture  &  Rural  Innovations,  Agricultural  Engineering,  Agricultural  Extension,  Engineering or any other relevant/related field.
• Candidates should also have  2  principal passes at  A’  Level and credit passes in  English and  Mathematics at  O’  Level.  

Person  Specification  for  the  job  position
• Should not be more than  40  years of age.
• Should be willing to work in any part of the country.  
• Should be fluent in commonly used local languages.  
• Should have customer awareness and emotional intelligence skills,  excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Desired behaviors  
• Confidentiality,  Self-drive,  
• Self-confidence,  Integrity,  proactiveness  
• Compliance with policies,  Discipline,  
• Diligence and  Efficiency.

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