Develop,  administer,  implement and monitor plans and programs to ensure compliance with laws,  regulations, and rules governing Pride’s business operations.

Specific  Responsibilities:  –
1.  Develop the compliance program to guide overall institutional compliance.
2.  Research,  evaluate and keep updates in compliance requirements and trends to keep up with the dynamic regulatory and business environment.
3.    Undertake checks in all institutional business areas to ensure compliance.
4.    Review internal audit reports and reports from other stakeholders  (BOU)  and follow up to ensure closure of identified gaps.
5.    Monitor transactions for adherence to anti-money laundering laws and report all non-compliant or suspicious transactions.
6.    Monitor and conduct investigations of possible money laundering.
7.    Ensure implementation of  BOU  operational requirements while supporting business growth through the implementation of agreed initiatives.
8.    Lead and manage the performance and development of all subordinate staff in accordance with the approved individual performance agreement.
9.    Undertake and monitor  Anti  Money  Laundering  (AML)  Compliance and report to the regulator  Financial  Intelligence  Authority  (FIA).
10.  Undertake  Compliance training and communicate pride’s policies in line with strategic goals and objectives.
11.  Review  Pride  Internal policies and align them to the relevant regulations,  guidelines, and laws.

Person  Specifications:
1.  Should be a  good communicator with good analytical,  administration,  multi-tasking,  reporting, and interpersonal skills.    
2.  Should be mature,  intelligent,  diligent,  with strong work ethics,  integrity, and able to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines.
3.  Should possess a  strong personality of impact and influence that pulls colleagues together to build a  strong team.
4.  Should be an outstanding leader and change agent with the business acumen and the ability to foster a  productive working environment.

Minimum  academic  qualifications  and  experience:
1.  Degree in  Commerce,  Business  Administration,  Statistics,  Economics,  or any other related field.
2. Master’s Degree in a  related field is an added advantage.
3.  At least  4  years of working experience in a  related field.

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