• Carry out the orientation of Counsellors in line with the Vision, Mission, and strategic objectives of Serenity Centre.
  • Provides 24/day-to-day oversight, coordination, and clinical leadership to the Clinical team through demonstrating excellence in clinical & leadership skills as well as knowledge of international best practices in addiction management and general care as well as state of the art equipment/techniques for best care practice
  • Assist in the development, monitoring, and evaluation of short and long-term programs for Serenity Centre.
  • Able to orient clients into the treatment program and clearly communicate expectations and requirements for participation, upon admission to the rehabilitation.
  •  Guiding Clinical team meetings to review each client’s progress and adherence to recovery as per the Serenity Centre Treatment Protocol.
  • Develop Annual outreach plans in coordination with the relevant officers according to program needs and capacity.
  • Ensure database(s) maintenance which includes (s) client information from the assessment, progress notes, aftercare, community follow-up, and group therapy.
  • Organize and establish meetings on regular basis with designated Counselors to foster positive relationships and monitor the quality of work, strengths, and weaknesses of the counselor.
  • Organize training seminars to address staff needs and identify relevant external training opportunities. Continually develop counseling staff by providing information, educational opportunities, and coaching.
  • Track expenditures. Continually monitor the program’s budget performance and make recommendations to the ED.
  • Provides information by answering questions and requests from other departments and within the department as well as developing materials for sharing and updating the Centre website.
  • Maintains continuity of work operations by documenting and communicating needed actions to management; discovering irregularities; determining continuing needs.
  • Develop resource database for books, audio + visual aides, and literature for counselors and clients.
  • Organize educational workshops and sessions for families and relevant awareness activities (study tours, Awareness creation, etc)


Key requirements:

1)      Masters in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology from a recognized University.

2)      Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or Sufficient experience from equivalent training levels and registered with Nursing Council.

3)      Knowledge of Substance Abuse and Addiction management.

4)      Preferably with basic knowledge in the medical field/clinical.

5)      Clinical Psychologists/Counseling Psychologists with training in Public health stand advantageous.

6)      Experience at least five (5) years of experience in the same or related field.

7)      Applicants should be 30 years of age and above.

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