Job Requirements


Bachelor’s degree

Work experience:

12 months

Language skills:


Job Summary

Contract Type:

Full time

To Facilitate the implementation of Early case management, psychosocial support, peacebuilding, and ECD activities within child-friendly spaces and in the communities.
Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience.

• Bachelors in Social Sciences, Community Development, Adult and Community Education, Community Based Rehabilitation, Social Works and Social Administration, Psychology.

• Experience in working with refugees and other displaced persons for at least a minimum of one year.

• Should have key skills in project planning and management.

• Experience in working with children

• Excellent computer skills, particularly with Microsoft Excel, spreadsheets

• Track record demonstrating high integrity, innovativeness, creativity, reliability, and dependable

• Team player, Self-motivator, able to work with limited supervision;

• Spiritual maturity, interfaith knowledge, and a biblical worldview Ability to articulate and model our Christian identity and mission in an inclusive way.

• Demonstration of well-developed interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

• Ability to drive a motorcycle with a valid driving/riding license is a Must



• Regular updates and monitoring of the CFS activities to ensure technical support is given in regard to playing equipment and Learning materials as per the global minimum standards.

• Support community-based child protection and education systems, children groups, and stakeholders in advocating for child protection, participation, and psychosocial care within the CFSs/ECDs.

• Facilitate the integration of social cohesion activities within the refugee settlements and host communities.

• Handle visitors including donors, support office, and national office staff, stakeholders, in line with the child protection policy and behavioral protocol.

• Provide information for projects design, implementation, monitoring, and reporting

• Mobilize community meetings with children and key stakeholders at all implementation levels

• Build the capacity of caseworkers, CFS caregivers, and animators

• Facilitate case management, and data collection in line with the required and approved standards at the CFS centers

• Collect and compile statistical data and information regarding caregivers, community members, and children’s participation in activities at the CFSs centers and children’s clubs.

• Supervise CFS implementation as per the minimum children in emergencies protection standards.

• Mobilise communities to identify children with disabilities and also model families for the project’s implementation.

• Develop monthly, quarterly, and annual project management reports and submit them to the relevant authorities

Technical and Capacity Building

• Organize and conduct monthly meetings with Caregivers/Animators /Guards, CPCs, CMCs Parents and children at the Child-Friendly Space on aspects of child protection, positive parenting, child participation, and community ownership

• Mentor and build the capacity of children, community caregivers, animators/Caregivers, community structures in child protection, positive parenting, peaceful coexistence, and the learning framework using approved approaches and models.

• Support communities, community structures, animators, partners, and children in maintaining the minimum standards for child participation and care.

• Develop tools to manage data and information collection and analysis in establishing and maintaining a Monitoring and Evaluation adherences

• Document impact and success stories evidenced with quality pictures to share a milestone with staff, partners, and donors

• Regular updates and monitoring of the CFS to ensure technical support is given in regard to playing equipment and materials as per the global minimum standards.

• Facilitate communities to fully participate in project activities for enhanced community ownership, peaceful coexistence, and sustainability.

• Facilitate advocacy forums led by children on issues affecting them. The forums are aimed at awareness creation and sensitization of communities

Financial Management, Budget Control, and Monitoring

• Prepare and submit monthly payment requisitions for Caregivers/Animators and Guards monthly stipends within the first week of every new month with all required attachments

• Prepare and submit all payment requisitions for activities conducted within 3 days from the last day of activity. Prepare concepts notes, project activity budgets, expenditure, preparation of activity quarterly financial and narrative reports as per the grant guidelines and submit them within the agreed timeframes.

• Preparation of payment advance and purchase requests for appropriate project transactions in line with approved M&E documents.

• File all accountability and attendance lists in line with audit requirements

Networking, Coordination, and Collaboration

• Participate in coordination meetings. Support all referral needs that may arise from time to time at the CFS and ensure that all children referred from the CFS for any services are well documented and feedback received. Represent the organization in settlement sector meetings and cluster coordination meetings giving updates and progress of implementation and establish strategic partnerships with other organizations.

• Establish and liaise closely with other partners, agencies, and local leaders regarding project activities to ensure a coordinated approach to project implementation, including participation in relevant workshops, meetings and keep the coordinator informed

• Develop a network of information gathering relevant to child protection, participation, and psychosocial operations.

• Establish appropriate contacts with local counterparts at the Counties and district level


• Compile and submit weekly updates, weekly CFS statistics, weekly work plans, monthly reports and activity reports on all activities carried out at the Child-Friendly Space including meetings


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