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We are looking for SALES ASSOCIATES to join our team
Job details:
The person will be tasked with approaching prospective Working Capital Wallet clients, presenting the product and onboarding clients through the required appraisal process, and managing the quality of the portfolio assigned.
Key duties/responsibilities:
1. Engage in market activations to create awareness for the product.
2. Prospecting for clients and pitching on the product offering and the unique selling points. 3. Explain to potential clients the benefits of a revolving Working Capital Wallet, clearly demonstrate why the product stands out.
4. Analyze potential markets and develop referral networks in order to grow your pipeline for conversion.
5. Follow up on collections from the clients under your portfolio and liaise with your immediate supervisor in preparing collection reports, and update irreconcilable accounts for action.
6. Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships by developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with the team members of the branch and Head Office. 7. Engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure we deliver great customer experience to our clients.
8. Resolve conflicts and negotiate with others by handling complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances and conflicts, or otherwise negotiating with others.
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