Reach A Hand Uganda is looking for a local research consultant/institution to examine the gaps in maternal health service provision in rural communities. These findings are what will form the bulk of the evidence-based advocacy that will be presented at the national level in the different advocacy spaces

The selected consultant will be required to prepare a detailed research methodology in partnership with the RAHU M&E team. The research will be proposed to apply both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. A total of 6 sub-counties: one in each of the 6 Districts above will be covered. The Consultant shall with the project team suggest documents for review. Once selected, the project team shall provide the documents. Secondary data sources will be used for further data analysis. The consultant will be expected to share their technical proposal clearly indicating the methodology and tools to be used. Of interest, the consultant will be expected to document the correlations between the several variables to meaningfully answer the research questions.

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