This year, Youth Go-Green has organized a National Youth Debate on Utilization of Natural Resources for Sustainable Economic growth & Livelihood security!


The Debate is organized under the theme; “Water & Environment resources; Backbone for Youth Employment & Wealth Creation” scheduled for Friday, 26th March, 2021 at MWE Headquarters! 




– “This House believes that, Youth Employment and wealth creation without considering water & environment issues is not Sustainable”


Youth Go-Green Secretariat is seeking for professional and skilled Youth Debaters for the above Session!


Debate Winners!

The Debate winners will be given assorted tree seedlings, Award for winning and a cash prize of UGX 500,000. 



1. Mr. Canary Mugume – NBS 

2. Mr. Hillary Kururagire – Uganda Youth Envoy to the UN

NOTE:- Deadline

Please submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) by Friday, 19th March, 2021


Submit via;


– +256701030673 – WhatsApp

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