First Published on Quora by Scott Huber. (Edited by Allan Kinani)

Here are some thoughts:

  1. The longer something is lost, the more lost it becomes. That includes dreams, opportunities, virginity, keys, and articles of clothing.

  2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Figuratively and literally. So bruh, don’t be in people’s faces looking down what they got. gb

  3. Money can’t make you happy, but it helps. Yes, let’s make the shillings, you know! 

  4. Education never ends. Continue to learn daily. This is why we step out every single day. You know the saying, “Teri kuzikiza” which directly translates to No Stopping. 

  5. My attitude matters. It changes the atmosphere. How I think, talk and act directly affects the environment in which I live. 

  6. Happiness is an inside job. And, my happiness is my responsibility, not somebody else’s. You gerrit? Next time you feel like it’s someone’s else’s, look in the mirror. 

  7. Start healthy living habits early. Meaning mental, physical and spiritual. Don’t live like hell and then try to turn it around later. Start now. 

  8. Drinking and drugging have little benefit, and there is no future in it. Not critiquing anyone else’s lifestyle, just a glimpse of mine.  

  9. Find your passion. Whatever that is. Oprah said to find your passion and figure out a way to make a living doing it. I agree. But, if you can’t, do it for free.

  10. Live one day at a time. This is a universal spiritual truth. Live in the day. Make friends. Learn. Be grateful. Be the best you.



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