Allow us to clear up these 5 myths and misconceptions about STIs and STDs to help you stay clear of them

“You can catch STDs from the toilet seat”

STDs do not survive for long outside of your body. They much prefer the warm environment of your body over a cold, hard toilet. STDs survive for approximately 10 seconds outside of the body. This is not long enough for you to catch them from the toilet seat

“You cannot get STIs from oral sex”

The risk may not be as high as vaginal and anal sex but the risk is still very real. Many STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, can be spread through going down on your partner. You can cover the area using a male condom or dental dam to prevent transmission.

“Oral contraception protects against STIs”

Oral contraception will help you avoid unwanted pregnancy but not against that unwanted itch down there. The only type of contraception that protects against STIs is condoms.

“STIs will go away on their own”

For the vast majority of cases, STIs will not go away without seeking medical care. You can still pass on the STD to your partner, even if you no longer have symptoms. Delaying treatment can lead to further, long-term complications, such as fertility issues. Don’t harm future you by making a reckless decision now.

“Only people that have sex with a lot of people get STIs”

Anybody who has unprotected sex is at risk of catching a STI. STDs do not care if this is your 1st or 100th time having sex. Being infected is not an indicator that you’ve had multiple sexual partners (not that there’s anything wrong with that BTW).

One of the best ways to protect yourself against both STIs and pregnancy is the condom. Don’t be a fool and make sure you or your partner wraps up so that you are both safe. No glove, no love!

Condoms are not a sign of trust in a relationship; they are a sign of intelligent, healthy behaviour. Future you will thank current you for keeping safe and not catching an STD that can harm you in the long-term



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