A condom is a thin rubber close fitting cover worn on a man’s penis or inserted inside a woman’s vagina during sexual intercourse as a contraceptive or protection against infection.

There are two main kinds of condoms – female and male. A female condom is a contraceptive sheath (or pouch) that is won loosely inside the vagina. A make condom is a thin latex sheath that covers the penis during intercourse.

The most common, cheap and easy to access is the male condom however, even the female condom exits and is both comfortable and reliable.

Usually people have a misconception that using a condom is a trait of cheating partners. However in the heat of the moment or absence of an emergency pill, the condom can be trusted because it is as effective an anti-pregnancy method as any other contraceptive.

The best way to make condoms work as well as possible is to use them correctly every single time you have sex. That means tearing carefully at the edges being keen as not to damage it, making sure to check its expiry date and wearing it the whole time from start to finish.

Note:You can use a condom and other contraceptive methods to prevent pregnancies and STDs. However the reason you can’t wear two condoms is because they tear from rubbing each other and doubling up won’t necessarily give you extra protection. One condom used correctly is all the protection you need.

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  1. Frank

    I think condoms are better for someone who is still single and who is not sure about his or her partner status… it will protect them against stis and other infections


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