Q: Am I too young to fall in love?

Senga 4 mins ago

I don’t think love has anything to do with age, at any age you can have feelings for anyone. Love is love.

When we talk about love, it probably means that we don’t feel completely loved or someone doesn’t feel loved by us. In order for love to be real, it has to be expressed as an action.

There’s no doubt that young teens and even pre-teens can feel that they’re in love. It’s definitely possible to feel attracted to and affectionate towards another person, even at a young age. No one but you can define the feelings that you have, be it love or something else. The capacity to love is something that all human beings, regardless of age, can experience.
ou want to be close to and share things with that person. You want to understand him or her and have that person understand you. You want to care for him or her and have that person care for you. Romantic love usually comes with a strong physical or sexual attraction.

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