Q: Am I addicted to Porn?

I have always been the go to person for porn in my squad. From the time I was 14, my friends had me for reference to sites and porn stars where to find quality porn. As I grew up, I had it stored on my phone and later my laptop. I had been told that as you grow up, you start to lose interest and finally outgrow it. It's 8 years now, I am 22, but I don't seem to want to stop. How can I break this addiction?

Senga 4 mins ago

In our young lives, we tend to adventure and it is likely that you we stumble upon porn at a stage where we get visually excited and stimulated. Porn over the time has built a reputation for being very addictive, and the key to breaking any addiction is to get your mind off it. Try to spend most of your time with people as this will reduce on times you are alone and feel like watching porn. When the urge is too strong, the internet has many hilarious videos that you can watch to take your mind off porn. You can also try out a simple home work out, as it will help your body break a sweat and that has a relaxing effect as well as keeping you healthy. As long as you keep your mind off it, you will be over it in a month or two, and endeavour not to backslide.


  1. jeff

    it’s true though it’s hard to break if you do not commit yourself on stopping the habit

  2. Andrew

    porn is addictive and can psychologically be harmful to your health please watch carefully

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