GNL Zamba determined to buy Radio HOT 100

On announcing the closure of Radio HOT 100, so many people were touched especially Ugandan hip-hop and Luga flow musicians.

After rocking Kampala airwaves with a fresh mix of urban hip music, entertainment, and news for more than 20 years, the Hot 100 FM radio station is shutting down over accumulated debts. 

HOT100 FM discontinued broadcasting as HOT100 on the frequency 100.9MHz on 11th March 2022 and plans to move on, perhaps to serve its audience in different ways, using newer and more efficient platforms (Platforms that may increase engagement and value).

This however did not please many, including Rapper Earnest alias GNL Zamba, who feels sad that this iconic station, where he made his first debut is closing.

GNL Zamba, the Baboon Forest Entertainment CEO, plans to save this media house and has shown interest in investing in HOT 100.

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